We chose the protonmint market for our NFTs, the proton (xpr) community is growing very fast.
1. To get our NFT you need a proton account which can be proton wallet or webauth (these apps are available in the Google Play market). You can find out how to set up a wallet by going to www.protonchain.com and checking all the functions of the wallet. You can also watch some tutorials on youtube about the proton wallet. It’s easier than you think.
2. You need to top up your wallet, e.g. by a transfer from the cryptocurrency exchange. (in the future there will by option to transfer FIAT money straight to wallet)
3. Go to protonmint.com
4. Connect the wallet.
5. You can find us at: protonmint.com/user/mmbrothers
6. Select which image you want to buy with XUSDC and click buy now

——– and now you are part of this world. You can hold your token on your wallet, you can take the part of our games, you could give or sell this token whomewer you want. Or wait until it will be very expensive and then sell. Remember that you can also earn passive income on some NFTs.

In the future each holder of our tokens will be rewarded with some discount in our stores with physical elements / check our roadmap

1. If You collect all parts of painting (9/9 of dr. surgeon of the same painting e.g. “paper girl” ) then please contact us by email or twitter.

2. We will check if You have all of them and we will send you the information about the minting time of your DR. MASTER. there is a chance to dedicade this VERY RARE new token to someone/something ( you will be able to decide about the description of this new minted especially for You NFT, you will have 33 characters to create your own description (a-z + 0-9) the description is permanently connected with the token, it cannot be erased from the blockchain, it will last forever with this MASTER TOKEN

3. We need to accept your special description / it cannot be something uncensured or racismic discriminating etc

4. Then you should send your DR surgeon tokens (all of them: 9 pcs) to proton user @mmbrothers

5. We will permanently burn all of them ( 9 pcs) and mint Your DR MASTER TOKEN and then we will send it to you right directly on your proton adress

We are working on it, the first layer (of real painting: acrylic on canvas) is almost done.

We will anounce the first DR. PSYCHIATRIST on our twitter. Stay turned

If there is any question about our NFT project: Doctor Art, feel free to ask by twitter : @DoctorArtNFT